Luke Lund—  Helikaalinen (Helical)

FLUF33 is an untethered, organismic slide into a bulging, folding sound world created by artist Luke Lund. Through the 13 shapeshifting tracks that make up Helikaalinen (Helical), fractally growing and regrowing sounds spawn from each other, transforming organelle into organism. This non-periodic yet repeating music mirrors chaotic processes found in the natural world, meandering in dynamic tension around the strangest of attractors.

By creating a deftly-modulating, never replicating sound system in constant search of equilibrium, Luke catalyses a sonic environment where past merges into future, as the present fills our ears with rhythm-becoming-pitch-becoming-rhythm. In Helikaalinen we celebrate resonance on a cellular level: the emergent complexity inherent in all of us, striving onwards to eventual bifurcation. 

Fold over fold, split after split, time after time.

Helikaalinen (Helical) is available on Compact Disc and digitally

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